4 Ways to Get Released From Jail in Indiana

In Indiana, there were only four ways a person can get out of jail. Whether you are facing an arrest warrant, or your loved one is currently in custody, this is the information you need to get started on a path toward arranging a release. Continue reading to learn what you can expect when it comes to being released from county jail after an arrest in Indiana.

24 Hour Bail Bonds in Indianapolis 317-876-9600
24 Hour Bail Bonds in Indianapolis 317-876-9600

You Can Hire a Bail Bond Company

Your best option for getting a safe and secure release from county jail in Indiana is to hire a local and experienced bail bond company to obtain a bail bond. In this scenario, you would sign a bail bond agreement which is a legally binding contract, as well as, pay a nonrefundable fee which is a set percentage of the bail amount set by the judge. For instance, if the judge sets bail at $2,000 and the bail bond company charges nonrefundable a percent fee, you would pay $160 for bail bond. See our blog, “Your Options for Covering the Cost of a Bail Bond” to learn more about paying for bail bond services.

You Can Post Cash With the Court or Jail

Another option you have for obtaining a release from jail is to pay the full bail amount in cash directly to the court or jail. Using the same example before, you would pay $2,000 upfront, but then be refunded in full once you appear for your scheduled court hearing. This option is inconvenient, and therefore, less desirable, for most since very few people have thousands of dollars in disposal cash that can be fronted for several weeks or more. Most families need this extra cash for emergencies, groceries, gasoline, and monthly bills. See our blog, “How Long Do I Have to Stay in Jail if I Can’t Afford Bail?” to learn more.

You Can Put Up Collateral to Secure Your Appearance

In another option, you can put up collateral, or something of significant value that will cover the cost of your full bail amount, to obtain a release from jail until your hearing. This placement of collateral is meant to secure your appearance at your upcoming trial. If you fail to appear, you forfeit your collateral, and will have a warrant issued for your arrest. Examples of collateral include real estate, vehicles, boats, fine jewelry, stocks, and bonds. This is typically not a popular option since no one wants to risk losing their house or car in the case that they accidentally miss their court date. See our blog, “What Do Bail Bond Companies Accept as Collateral?” to learn more about collateral bail bonds.

A Judge Might Release You on Your Own Recognizance

Also known as being “OR’d”, a judge might decide to forgo setting bail for you, and instead, simply allow you to leave custody under the agreement that you will appear for your court hearing. This is called being released on your own recognizance, which implies you are being trusted to obey the law and related court orders while waiting for trial. Generally, OR’s are granted in cases of minor crimes, such as adolescent offenses, traffic offenses, shoplifting, and similar minor infractions. See our blog, “Can I Get Out of Jail Without a Bail Bond?” to learn more about this possibility.

Ask a Trusted Indianapolis Bail Bondsman!

If you or a loved one needs bailed out of jail anywhere in Indiana, call 317-876-9600 right away. Our licensed Indianapolis bail bondsmen are ALWAYS standing by, ready to answer your questions about bailing a person out of jail, or turning yourself in for an outstanding arrest warrant, and more. We also provide free estimates, jail information, inmate searches, 24 hour services, and much more.

Indiana Bail Bonds 317-876-9600
Indiana Bail Bonds 317-876-9600
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