5 Reasons Why You Should Not Stay in Jail While Awaiting Trial

Indianapolis Bail Bondsman 317-876-9600

Indianapolis Bail Bondsman 317-876-9600

Some defendants question whether or not it’s worth posting bond to get out of jail before their trial. No matter how much evidence police has against you, and even if you know you are facing definite jail time, there are many reasons to post your bond if one is set for you. Waiting in jail before your trial is not a good choice, even though any time served before your conviction will be taken off your total jail sentence. Whether you can afford bail or not, it is in your best interest to try to obtain a pretrial release with the available resources around you.

Continue reading to learn the top 5 reasons why you should post bail before your trial, and who to call for prompt service you can trust.

Reason 1 – You May Not Receive Any Jail Time or a Guilty Conviction

Even if you think there is too much evidence against you to avoid a non-guilty verdict, and there is no way you are not being sentenced to jail time, you could be wrong. After all, you are not adept in the field of criminal law, and there may be certain flaws in your case that prevent a guilty conviction or jail time.

Reason 2 – Jails are Not Pleasant

In more ways than one, jails are not nice places to spend your time. And they are designed this way for a reason. Jails are often dirty, unsanitary, smelly, and freezing cold. They are also bright, loud, and all-around uncomfortable. You can expect a small jail cell with cement benches, an exposed toilet, and a payphone. You will not get any special treatment from jail staff, including bathroom emergencies, water, blanket, or anything else.

Reason 3 – Jail Interaction Can Be Incriminating to Your Case

In jail, defendants tend to speak too freely. And inmates’ lips are loose. Sitting in jail before your trial leaves room to make incriminating statements that could negatively affect your case. Other inmates will try to negotiate with prosecutors by trading case information for reduced jail time.

Reason 4 – Your Case May Become Stagnant

When defendants are not in jail, prosecutors are usually not in a rush to move the case along. When cases move slowly, many things can go wrong, leading to a stagnant case. Key witnesses could disappear, evidence could get lost, and so forth. This could render a better deal for the defendant.

Reason 5 – You Have Time to Reform

If you were to stay in jail prior to trial, you would not have the chance to get your life back on track. This includes going back to work to earn a paycheck, setting up arrangements in the case that you go to jail, and reforming your lifestyle to make better choices.

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