Additional FAQS About Acting as a Surety

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Acting as a surety is an important, yet complex, responsibility. For this reason, it is important to do your research to full understand the liability you face when you become a person’s surety. As an extension to last week’s blog, we are covering even more frequently asked questions about acting as a surety for someone who has been arrested and detained in jail. Continue below to review some more common questions, and their answers. You may also contact a local Indianapolis bail bondsman for direct
assistance with your bail bond inquiries.

Can There Be More Than One Surety for a Personal in Jail?

Yes; sometimes courts will mandate multiple sureties for a person in jail. This usually happens if the case is a very serious one, or if the courts determine that the defendant requires more adequate supervision. Acting as a surety in a multi-surety arrangement simply means that you, as well as the others, will be fully responsible for the monetary consequences in the case that the defendant does not appear for court. Each party with sign the bail bond agreement contract, and hold equal liability.

If I Am Acting as My Own Surety, What Do I Need?

To act as your own surety is not uncommon, especially when defendants are surrendering to an arrest warrant. All you need to bring with you to court is your legal photo identification and proof of address. Having proof of address is especially important if your address on your photo I.D. differ from your mailing address. Although not necessary, it can also be helpful to have current bank statements (as far back as 3 months), employment records, and possibly proof of property ownership (i.e. car title, house deed, etc.). This shows a court that you have the assets to back up the bond amount.

Can I Be a Surety For More Than One Person at the Same Time?

This is usually frowned upon, and rarely approved by the court. That is because it is necessary to provide adequate supervision for a person who is out on bail and awaiting trial. Supervising more than one person is considered “spreading oneself too thin” since your attention is being demanding by two separate people, simultaneously.

Does a Person Have to Have a Surety to Be Released From Jail?

A person in jail does not always need to have a surety to get out of jail, and for a couple different reasons. For instance, a defendant may not be granted bail by the court, and instead, must wait in jail until their trail hearing. In another situation, a person may act as their own surety and post their own bond. They can do this by hiring a bail bond company on their own, or paying their total bond amount in cash at the jail.

Who Do I Call for Free Bail Bond Advice?

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Call James Woods, owner and operator of Woods Bail Bonds in Indianapolis, Indiana. You can reach him or one of his highly trained and licensed Indianapolis bail bondsmen at 317-876-9600, day or night. We offer fast and friendly bail bonds, free jail information, inmate look-ups, jail pickup services, jail drop-off services, 24 hour emergency bail bond services, and more!

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