Bail Bond Steps for Those Arrested in Vigo County Terre Haute

Vigo County Jail is not something you have to sit in for longer than you have to, so long as you are not arrested on murder charges. Anyone arrested for misdemeanor and felony charges will likely have a bond set for them, which means they can post it if they can afford to. The problem here is that many people do not have thousands of dollars on hand to post their bond with the jail. So, instead, people opt for the best alternative, which is hiring a local Terre Haute bail bondsman to manage the process for you, and at a fraction of the cost.

If you are facing an arrest warrant, or someone you care about was just arrested, in Vigo County, continue below to learn which steps will get you the release from jail you are after.

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How Bail Bonds Work in Terre Haute Indiana

Following an arrest in Terre Haute, someone is responsible for contacting a Vigo County bail bondsman to start the bail process. This is typically a lawyer, friend, family member, or the defendant themselves. If cooperative, the jail officials will allow a person to make as many calls as they need to get bailed out of jail.  With bad behavior, this privilege can be taken away.

Once a Vigo County bail bondsman is contacted, basic information will need to be collected. The agent will ask where the person is being detained, on what charges, length of time held, criminal history, residence information, employment history, and more. All of this information is pertinent to the bail bond process.

If the obligation of a bail bond is accepted by the purchaser, (i.e. lawyer, defendant, family, or friend), then a short series of documents will need signed and dated. This is a bail agreement or contract. These documents include a Bail Indemnity Agreement, a Bail Bond Application Form, and a Receipt of Purchase. After all information is collected and the paperwork is approved, the bond agent can begin “posting” the bail bond at the jail the person is being held at.

Depending on the charges, this can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Posting a bond cannot begin until the Vigo County jail is done processing a defendant. The jail can take as long as they like to do so. If a person is arrested under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they must wait until they are sober, usually around 8 hours, before they can be processed into the jail’s database.

Once they are processed, a reputable and professional Vigo County bail bond company can get a defendant released from jail in less than a few hours. If a person is bailing themselves out of jail, it is common for a bail bondsman to be dispatched out to the jail to pick the defendant up and take them back to their offices to complete the paperwork.

After the bond is posted, the defendant is free to go home, on the obligation to show for all scheduled court dates and hearings. Otherwise, they will forfeit their bail bond and be eligible for re-arrest. Not all Indiana bail bond companies provide these amenities, such as free jail drop off and pick up, prearranged bail bond service, and similar conveniences. In order to get the best bail bond service in Indianapolis, you will need to choose the best bail bondsman around.

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