Bail Bonds for DUI Arrests

DUI Bail Bonds Indianapolis 317-876-9600

DUI Bail Bonds Indianapolis 317-876-9600

Nothing is more troubling than making that one bad decision that lands you in jail for the weekend; were talking about drinking and driving. DUI arrests can happen to anyone, and can add considerable stress and humiliation in a person’s life. Making the choice to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol is never a responsible one, but sometimes even the most straight-winged individual is capable of doing so at some point in their lives. No one is perfect and mistakes happen to the best of us. Life is a learning experience, and receiving DUI charge is a lesson in itself. Repeat DUI offenders are strongly encouraged to receive help for addiction. Many people who are arrested for drinking and driving charges want to know how to get out of jail with a bail bond.

Continue reading to learn more about the DUI arrest and bail bond process, and who to call for accurate answers to your bail questions.

DUI Bail Bonds

As soon as you are aware that a relative or loved one has been detained for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it is strongly encouraged to seek the services of a reputable and licensed bail bondsman. Contact a local Indianapolis bail bond company once you receive news of an arrest to start the process of arranging bail. Bail bonds can be prearranged for people who need to turn themselves in for an arrest warrant. This could be the case if someone was already released from jail on bail and then breaks the law while waiting for their court date. They would need to turn themselves into authorities and prearranged bail bonds can facilitate this process swiftly and securely. For standard DUI arrests, emergency bail bond services are available.

When it comes to the cost of bail bonds, the fees differ from county to county; but all are state-regulated so that one bail bondsman cannot charge more than another. The Indiana state regulated bail bond fee is 10 to 15 percent. This means bail bond agencies can charge anywhere from ten to fifteen percent of a person’s bond amount, depending on the level of risk and a person’s criminal history. With this said, you can expect to pay a bail bondsman 10 to 15 percent of your loved one’s total bond amount. For example, if the total bond amount is 5,000 dollars, and the bail agent is charging a 10% fee, the non-refundable payment would be 500 dollars. At 15%, the charge would be 750 dollars. This is a non-refundable fee that has to be paid directly to the bail bondsmen before any services are rendered. If the defendant fails to obey the law or rules of the bail bond contract, the person who signs for the bail bond is responsible to pay the rest of the total bond amount unless the defendant turns themselves into authorities. In this case, an arrest warrant would be issued to detain the defendant.

Process for a DUI Arrests and Bail Bonds:

Sobriety Testing and Arrest

When a person is pulled over for suspicion of driving drunk, the officer will implement a field sobriety test or breathalyzer test to assess a person’s sobriety. If the person is suspected or proven to be intoxicated, the officer will then put then under arrest. They will be handcuffed, read their rights, and placed in the back of the arresting officer’s squad car.

Booking and Processing

Once the defendant is placed in custody, they are taken to the local county jail. Here they will be processed into the jail’s system. Fingerprints, mug shot, data entry, and more are all pieces of information collected at the time of booking. Once booking is complete, the defendant will have the opportunity to make a phone call and get bailed out of jail. The time it takes to get bailed out of jail is usually only an hour or so. The part that takes so long is waiting to be booked. If a person is arrested on intoxication charges, they must sit in jail for at least 8 hours to sober up before officers will being the booking process. This in combination with the level of traffic and an inmate’s behavior will influence the amount of time they wait for processing.

Setting Bail

When it comes to a person’s bond being set, first time offenders usually fall under 10,000 dollars. Repeat offenders or accident cases can face much higher bond amounts, often times in the hundreds of thousands. This is when collateral bail bonds are sometimes used. A bail bondsman can be called by the defendant themselves inside the jail to bail themselves out; or a friend or family member can make the call and start the bail bond process for them. Either way, a non-refundable fee is paid to the bail bondsman and a contract is signed. The defendant will then be released to await their scheduled hearing at home.

Woods Bail Bonds

Woods Bail Bonds Indiana 317-876-9600

Woods Bail Bonds Indiana 317-876-9600

Call 317-876-9600 to speak with James Woods, owner of Woods Bail Bonds in Indianapolis, Indiana. We offer fast and friendly Indianapolis bail bond services you can trust. Our licensed and bonded bail agents have more than 30 years of experience in the industry, and offer reputable and secure bail bond services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for several Indiana counties. Call 317-876-9600 to bail a friend out of jail in Indianapolis, IN right now.

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