Can I Get Bailed Out of Jail on a Felony Charge?

Arrest Warrant Bail Bonds 317-876-9600

Arrest Warrant Bail Bonds 317-876-9600

When a person is arrested for a felony crime, they are always asking about their bail options. No one wants to stay in jail a minute longer than they have to, which is why they rely on prompt bail services to release them from custody. Although they differ from state to state, laws surrounding felony arrests, and bail terms and conditions are adequately straight forward.

Violent or serious crimes committed by individuals will not be permitted bail at all; while non-violent felony crimes might. It all depends on various circumstances surrounding a crime and a case.

Let’s take a deeper look at what permits and denies bail in the case of felony arrests and charges.

Felony Bail

When it comes to approving bail for a person arrest for a felony crime, the court look and consider several different factors. They need to investigate the circumstances surrounding the crime and the histories of the defendant. As mentioned before, violent crimes are almost always denied bail; such as murder, rape, sex crimes, assault, arson, substantial drug or narcotic possession, and more. Crimes that do not involve a person getting hurt or a large amount of drugs, bail is likely permitted but conditional.

Courts consider the following factors in a felony bail hearing:

1. The Defendant’s Criminal Record and Histories
2. The Seriousness of the Crime Committed
3. The Probability of the Defendant Harming Someone or Committing a Crime if Released
4. The Probability of the Defendant Fleeing Once Released
5. A Defendants Reputation Within their Community (i.e. Employment, Friends, Family Contacts, etc.)

Bail is almost always granted in the case of misdemeanor and non-violent felony crimes; but bail is always conditional on the above factors and more no matter what. For more information about bail terms and conditions for felons and felony arrests, contact a local Indianapolis Bail Bondsman for accurate industry answers.

Woods Bail Bonds

Woods Bail Bonds Indiana 317-876-9600

Woods Bail Bonds Indiana 317-876-9600

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