Can You Get Bailed Out of Jail on a Parole Hold?

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Depending on several factors (type of crime, criminal history, time served, etc.), a prison inmate may be granted an early release from a correctional facility, but only on a strict and conditional basis. This conditional early release program is called “parole”, and individuals on parole are referred to as “parolees.” Every parolee is assigned a supervisor called a parole officer, who monitors the prisoner during the extent of their parole plan and makes sure they obey all conditions. Although they are out of jail, parolees are not entirely
free until they lawfully complete their parole.

Violating Conditions of Parole

If a parolee disobeys any of their parole conditions, they are in violation of their parole and subject to penalization, namely detention. If a parole officer has reasonable belief that a parolee violated a condition of their parole plan, and is likely to flee, endanger themselves, or endanger others, they can impose something called a “parole hold.” A parole hold is a legal authorization to detain (arrest) a parolee who is in violation of their parole. Parole holds are governed by federal and state laws, but they vary from state to state. Parole officers do not require an arrest warrant to bring a parolee into custody, however, inmates must be informed of the reasons for their hold within seven days of their detention.

Parole Holds

While on a parole hold, inmates may or may not be allowed to post bail. In rare cases, a judge will allow a person to post bail while on a parole hold. But in most cases, bail is denied if an inmate is suspected to be a flight-risk or a danger to themselves and/or others. So inmates must remain in the county jail and await their parole revocation hearing. This hearing usually takes place within a couple of days, depending on the level of traffic in the court. During a revocation hearing, evidence is presented to prove that an inmate violated the conditions of their parole, and then a judge determines whether or not an inmate should return to prison, and if so, for how long.

Conditions of parole vary from person to person, but common conditions generally include:

Must not commit any crimes.
Cannot have contact with known felons.
Must remain in the city or state.
Must maintain suitable employment.
Must show up on-time for all parole meetings and hearings.
Must refrain from drug use and alcohol consumption.

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