Certain States Continue to Turn Their Heads to Fleeing Fugitives Released on Bond

Some states within the nation have allowed fugitives across borders to adjacent states to live as free individuals and citizens. This has been an injustice to everyone. Get to know this topic more and potentially make a difference in your city or state.

Arrest Warrant Bail Bonds 317-876-9600

Arrest Warrant Bail Bonds 317-876-9600

When a person is arrested and taken to jail, they can be bailed out using bail bond services, or they can pay the entire bond amount in cash using their own financial resources. Either way, they still have to return for their mandatory scheduled court hearing; otherwise, a warrant will be issued for them to be arrested once again. In other cases, especially for minor crimes and offenses, courts may decide to release a person on their own recognizance. This means they are trusted to show for their court hearing on their own volition, and they are not required to
pay a bond with their own money.

However, if a person fails to show for their court hearing after paying the courts the entire bond amount, they forfeit getting their money back. When out on bond by a bail bondsman, that bail bondsman has to forfeit the full bond amount they paid for that person’s release unless they can recover the fugitive and bring them back to court. When a court releases a criminal on their own recognizance, there’s no guarantee that defendants will come back to be present for their trial hearing. If they fail to appear, they are considered a fugitive of the law, and a warrant is issued for their arrest.

Fugitives are Getting Away

For the past few years, criminals have begun to realize that they can simply jump state borders to avoid facing any criminal charges in their own city or state. This isn’t the case in all states across the nation; but this practice has been continuing across the country for the past two or three years more than it ever has before. Certain states like Pennsylvania are being criticized for their controversial approach to dealing with fleeing fugitives and felons out on bond. Their approach is to simply turn their heads to fugitives fleeing the state to evade their criminal charges. Prosecutors and law enforcement officials are not willing to go after these runaways, or go pick them up if they been arrested in another state. This is called extradition.

Extraditing a criminal from another state costs money, requires an abundant amount of time and paperwork, and requires signatures from both states’ governors. To some law enforcement, police, and prosecutors, this process is much too tedious; instead, they would rather turn their heads the other way and pretend like the fugitive is lost for good. This means offenders are roaming free which puts people in danger and jeopardizes public safety. It also defames the law in general, as well as, allows criminals to go unpunished for their crimes. Think about sex offenders, kidnappers, drug dealers, and more free to wander the streets in a different state with such criminal records! This is an injustice to everyone everywhere.

Where it’s Happening

This is a sad situation that is happening in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and various other states across the country. The good news is, bail bond agencies are the answer to this problem. This is because they go after these fugitives without costing taxpayers any money at all. They are eager and motivated to continue bringing justice to all communities and neighborhoods in their states. Trust bail bondsmen to keep the streets safe by adamantly ensuring all criminals return to court to face their charges as the law says they should.

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