Comprehending Court Issued Arrest Warrants

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As the title clearly states, arrest warrants are issued by a court of law. When a person is suspected of a crime, a submission for arrest is issued by the local courthouse. An arrest warrant is a ticket for authorities to arrest a suspect and apprehend them for suspicion of a crime. A Judge orders the arrest warrant and police pursue the investigation.

If a person is suspected of a crime but there is no arrest warrant issued for them, they cannot be legally arrested and detained; otherwise their human rights are violated under law. An arrest warrant must be provided as evidence for the right to arrest a person suspected of committing a crime. Continue reading to learn some more about court ordered arrest warrants and comprehending the meaning behind them.

What Happens Once an Arrest Warrant is Issued?

When a warrant is issued for someone suspected of a crime, their name and case information are entered into a national database for arrest consents. This database contains other warrant records and relevant warrant cases. Most of the time, an arrest warrant is issued for a single suspect; however, they can also be issued for multiple persons and groups of people.

Types of Arrest Warrants

There are several variations of arrest warrants that can be issued by court of law, other than a basic arrest warrant. Search warrants are another common court authorization commonly issued for investigatory situations.

This warrant is not meant to arrest a person; instead, it gives authorities legal permission to search a specific location or property that is suspected to be a threat or danger to the community.

Arrest Warrants Do Not Always Lead to a Guilty Verdict

Just because a person is arrested under a court-issued warrant does not mean they are guilty. It simply means that they have been suspected of committing or being involved in a crime and need to be questioned or used as a witness to testify against the actual guilty party. In this case, the warrant serves as a way for the courts to “keep an eye” on a suspicious person or group of people. The courts can either jail them or put them under close supervision.

Arrest Warrants Can Also Be Issued for Petty Crimes

Unpaid parking tickets, traffic violations, taxes, debt collection issues, and more are all examples of minor infractions that can lead to a warrant for your arrest. It all depends on the amount of traffic the local courthouse deals with, and how much time they have to pursue minor offenses like these.

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