Do I Need a Bail Bond for a Bench Warrant?

Bench warrants can be confusing, especially to someone who does not have a criminal past. If you have just discovered that there is a bench warrant ordered against you or a loved one, it is time to start learning the facts, including what to do, how to do it, and where to take your first step. One of the most frequently asked questions regarding bench warrants is whether or not a bail bond will need to be arranged.

Continue reading to learn the answer to this common question, as well as, additional information about bench warrants.

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Indiana Bench Warrant Bail Bondsman 317-876-9600

Bench Warrant Basics

No one likes the idea, or worse, possibility, of spending even one minute in jail. So, it is natural for a bench warrant defendant to immediately wonder whether or not they need to secure a bail bond in order to get out of jail as fast as possible. Prearranged bail bonds are a service often used for those facing arrest warrants. Prearranging bail bond service can speed up the surrender, booking, and release process. In many cases, the acting bail bondsman can drop the client off at the jail, and then pick them back up once they have been released on bail.

Arrest Warrants and Bail

As for bench warrants, a bail bond is not usually necessary. Although often confused with one another, arrest warrants and bench warrants are very different. Arrest warrants are ordered against defendants for serious criminal cases. They guarantee an arrest at some point in time, whether through a voluntary surrender to authorities, or an unanticipated arrest.

In contrast to arrest warrants, bench warrants are used for minor cases, mostly citations and similar petty infractions such as traffic tickets or j-walking. A bench warrant is issued by the courts when a person misses their trial for a minor case or infraction, also known as an “FTA”, or “failure to appear.” The word “bench” in bench warrant essentially implies the judge’s seat, and requests that you answer to the court for both your original charge and now for your FTA offense.

The Exception to the Rule

The exception to needing a bail bondsman to get you out of jail for a bench warrant is if the warrant goes outstanding. If you do not satisfy your bench warrant obligations, you will eventually have an outstanding bench warrant against you. In this case, police can arrest you on the spot if you have an encounter with them, even if something innocent. For instance, if you are rear-ended by another driver, the responding officer can take you into custody once they run your information and see that you have an outstanding bench warrant.

Where to Get Fast Prearranged Bail Bonds in Indianapolis

Contact Woods Bail Bonds at 317-876-9600 for prompt and professional, 24 hour bail bond services in Indianapolis and throughout Central Indiana. Not only can we get you out of jail fast, we can prearrange a bail bond if you need to surrender to an arrest warrant. We provide all Local, State, and National bonds, and serve over 30 Indiana counties. Request a free estimate, anytime.

Indiana Bail Bondsman
Indiana Bail Bondsman 317-876-9600
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