Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer to Get Out of Jail?

Whether you have recently been made aware that there is a warrant issued for your arrest, your loved one is facing arrest, or they have already been arrested, you will eventually require legal assistance. You can choose to take public defense, or hire a private criminal defense lawyer. Either way, your first step is to get the jail portion of the legal process out of the way. To do this, you may or may not need to hire a lawyer. In most cases, you can simply hire a bail bond company to get you a release from jail, and then hire a lawyer when you are ready to prepare your defense. However, in some cases, hiring a lawyer to get out of jail is necessary.

Continue below to learn when you might, and when you might not, need a lawyer when it comes to getting out of jail.

Indianapolis Indiana Bail Bonds 317-876-9600
Indianapolis Indiana Bail Bonds 317-876-9600

When You Probably Need a Lawyer

In the case that you or your loved one is facing multiple serious charges, or has been charged with a very serious crime, hiring a lawyer to get out of jail might be your only hope. You see, judges set bail for defendants, and although there is an Indiana bail schedule, judges have full discretion on granting or denying bail privileges. If arrested under murder charges, there is no bail set. In this case, you would need to hire a lawyer and motion the court to reconsider your bail options. In other cases, those who are habitual offenders of serious or harmful offenses, or those who have a history of fleeing, might also be denied bail privileges. In this situation, you would also need your lawyer to help convince the courts to allow you to post bond.  

When You Should Just Hire a Bail Bondsman

If you or your loved one is arrested or wanted for charges that are less severe, such as traffic infractions, drug possessions, DUI’s, public intoxication, assault, and other misdemeanor and low-level felony crimes, a bail bondsman can get you out of jail, and fast. You can wait to hire a lawyer after you get out of jail. Although bail bond companies have the right to refuse service to someone, as long as you do not have a history of skipping bond, any company will likely be willing to help you out. If you are more of a risk in terms of paying, violating, or fleeing, a bail bondsman might just up your rate to make up for the risk.

Bail bondsmen charge a non-refundable fee that is a set percentage of the total bond amount, and you do not get this money back after your court case is over. The set percentage for bail bond fees are regulated by the state. Here in Indiana, bail bondsmen can charge anywhere between 10 and 15 percent of the full bond amount. For example, a $10,000 bond premium will cost $1,000 to $1,500 for a bail bond. Right now in Indiana, bail bond companies are allowed to offer rates as low as 8%.

Where to Get Secure Bail Bonds in Indianapolis, Indiana

Call Woods Bail Bonds at 317-876-9600 for safe and secure Indianapolis Indiana bail bonds you can trust. We also offer prearranged bail bond services for those needing to surrender to an arrest warrant. In some cases, we can get you turned in and released in as little as one hour. And don’t forget that right now, we are offering 8% bail bonds! Request a free estimate or jail information, anytime.

Indiana Bail Bondsman
Indiana Bail Bondsman 317-876-9600
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