Facts About Federal Bail Bonds

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Indianapolis Bail Bonds 317-876-9600

When someone is arrested for a minor infraction or misdemeanor, their case is prosecuted through the state’s judicial system and they can get bailed out of jail using a state bail bond. But when someone commits a federal crime, also known as a felony, they can expect an entirely separate set of rules and procedures for getting out of jail with a bail bond.

Continue reading to learn about federal bail bonds, and what you need to know about getting out of jail if you have to surrender to a felony warrant.

Federal Bail Bondsmen

First, it is important to be sure your bail bond company of choice is experienced and familiar with federal bail bonds. Since felony cases are often sensitive, it is in your best interest to choose a licensed bail bondsman that knows what they are doing. And extensive experience usually indicates a company has comprehensive knowledge of the industry, as well as, good-standing relationships with the local courts and jails.

After a Felony Arrest

When it comes time to post bail after being arrested for a federal crime, there is a standard process you can expect to take place. First, a judge sets your bond. This amount varies depending on several factors, including criminal history, severity of the crime, and more. Federal courts set their bond amounts much higher than state courts, so expect the amount to be in the high thousands.

A bail bond company can charge anywhere between 10-15 percent of your federal bond amount for their services. This fee is non-refundable. For federal bail bonds, companies generally charge more because they are more complex cases that require taking on more risk. So if you need a federal bail bond, expect the bail bond company’s fee to be closer to 15 percent.

After you are released on bail, an additional hearing may be scheduled depending on the state or county you live. The federal court will schedule and hold an additional hearing to ensure the money or collateral you used to pay for your bail bond came from a legitimate source, and was not acquired through any illegal or criminal activity. This is called a “Nebbia hearing.” In this case, you would have the burden of proving to a federal judge that your finances came from legal sources.

Indiana Bail Bonds

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