FAQS About Affording Bail

When it comes to being arrested and going to jail, there is no way around a release. You either pay up or stay put. Although there are cases in which a person is released on their own recognizance, also known as being OR’d, the more common likelihood is that you will have to pay to get out of jail. To pay for bail in Indiana, a person has a few options. The method they choose will depend on a wide range of factors, the most common being affordability. If you are afraid you cannot afford to bail your loved one out of jail in Indiana, learning some tips about paying for bail bonds might help. If you still are unsure about whether or not you can afford bail, you may need to look into some alternatives.

Continue reading to review some frequently asked questions about affording bail, including these tips and more.

Cheap Indianapolis Bail Bonds 317-876-9600
Cheap Indianapolis Bail Bonds 317-876-9600

How Much is Bail?

Bail is set differently for everyone. The amount it is set at mostly depends on the Indiana bail schedules. See our blog, “Local County Bail Bond Schedules for Indianapolis” to learn more about bail schedules. However, bail is also strongly influences by the judge’s personal discretion. A judge will look at various factors and details of a person’s arrest to determine how much to set their bail at.

Serious offenses and repeat offenders are often given higher bail. Some offenses are not allowed bail at all, such as homicide. As mentioned, some people are released without any bail being set, known as being OR’d, or released on your own recognizance. Generally, OR’s are granted in cases of minor crimes, such as adolescent offenses, traffic offenses, shoplifting, and similar minor infractions. See our blog, “Can I Get Out of Jail Without a Bail Bond?” to learn more about this possibility.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Bailed Out of Jail?

There are two primary options for bailing someone out of jail. You can post bail directly with the jail, but you will have to provide the full amount. Generally, bail is set in the thousands, so the cash amount will be high. On the other hand, this money is refunded back to you in full so long as the arrestee shows up for all of their court hearings. Your other option, which is more common, is to hire a bail bond company and pay for a bail bond.

Their rates are regulated by the state’s Insurance Department, so all bail bond companies are mandated to charge between 10% and 15% of the total bail amount. For example, if the bail is set at $10,000 and your bail bondsman charges 11% for their services, you would pay $1,100 for a bail bond. In some cases, there is an automatic 5% added on for local taxes, etc. Right now in Indiana, some bail companies are allowed to go as low as 8% for a fee.

Can I Get My Money Back for a Bail Bond?

Bail bond fees are not refunded, no matter what. Although this money is not refundable, it is much more affordable than paying a large lump sum of cash. Not many people want to clear out their entire bank account of life savings for a release from jail. This can create problems for families who need money for rent, groceries, school, and more. For these reasons, bail bonds are the better and more convenient approach to getting out of jail.

What Happens if I Can’t Pay for Bail?

If there is simply no way for you to pay for bail, the arrestee will have to remain in custody until their court date. At their court date, the judge might decide to release them, or they may decide to maintain their bail and keep them in jail until their sentencing hearing. For this reason, it is vital to retain a private lawyer who can put in a motion to have bail reduced or waived. See our blog, “How Long Do I Have to Stay in Jail if I Can’t Afford Bail?” to learn more.

If you need financial assistance for a bail bond in Indiana, there are very little options. You can visit a cash advance loan store for help, sell some belongings, or ask family and friends to borrow money. You can also choose an Indiana bail bond company that offers low rates for their services.

Where Can I Get Cheap Bail Bonds in Indianapolis?

Right now, Woods Bail Bonds is currently offering an 8% fee for Indianapolis bail bonds! This is the lowest rate in years, and only available here! That means you only pay 8% of your total bond amount, rather than the standard 10 to 15% rates required across the state. In order to qualify for this low rate, you must meet certain criteria. Call 317-876-9600 to talk to a friendly and knowledgeable Indianapolis bail bondsman to learn if you can qualify for 8% bail bonds in Indiana!

Indiana Bail Bonds 317-876-9600
Indiana Bail Bonds 317-876-9600
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