Guide to Accessing Public Arrest Records Online

Inmate Searches 317-876-9600

Inmate Searches 317-876-9600

Police departments use an online database to post various types of records and information about the criminal status of a person that has been arrested. If a warrant is issued for someone’s arrest, for example, the police department would record this information on a national online database. Before the internet, the only place to find public records of a person was the library, or maybe the hospital.

Advances in technology has allowed us to more efficiently communicate, record, learn, and study all types of information in the world. Law enforcement is one place where this technology really comes in handy. Continue reading to learn more about local online public arrest records and how to access them via the internet.

Warrants for an Arrest

One use for public arrest records is to search for outstanding arrest warrants. If an employer wishes to hire a new cashier, or a person is interviewing potential roommates, it is good to get a background check on that person. Searching through the public online arrest records allows a person to see the criminal history of another. This can also be good for moms hiring nannies, public officials being elected into office, and much more. If there is an outstanding arrest warrant for a person, it will be visible to the public via this online database.

Other Uses for Online Public Records

On top of arrest warrants, background checks are another use for public online arrest records. As mentioned before, employers, mothers, and government organizations can benefit from these records being public. In some cases, it is important to know if a person has a criminal history of any kind. The place to access a person’s public record is to go to your local county court’s website, or the police department’s website. Here is where you can find information about the public records database. Typically, these records are free to access; however, for people who require a more detailed report, there are associated fees for this type of information.

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