How to Do a Search for Active Arrest Warrants

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Anytime you suspect there might be a warrant out for your arrest, you need to deal with it head on. This means locating the information regarding your warrant and alleged charges. Once you determine you do or do not have a warrant issued for your arrest, you can relax. If you do have an active arrest warrant issued in your name, whether you are guilty or not, it is very important to make contact with the courthouse or prosecutor as soon as possible.

Avoiding an arrest warrant is a not a desirable situation to have on your shoulders, and it can cost you additional penalties once you are finally detained or turned in. In the case of an outstanding arrest warrant, the Department of Motor Vehicles will be notified to suspend your driving license, and if you come into contact with the police, they can arrest you on the spot, at any time.

Arrest warrants do not just go away, they have to be dealt with at some point or another because the law does not forget. It is better to get the facts about your suspected charges and deal with them appropriately in a legal manner rather than avoiding a warrant and facing whatever penalties may come, later. When you are finally ready to check for your arrest warrant, be cautious and discreet so that you can arrange turning yourself into authorities on your own time and on a day you prefer.

Checking for an Active Arrest Warrant

The best way to search for an active arrest warrant, whether for you or a loved one, is to use the internet. Do not just ask a police officer, because if he finds a warrant, he has the legal obligation to arrest you on the spot, under law. If you want time to prepare for jail, then discreetly search in the privacy of your own home first by using the internet or some other source. The internet has so many portals and websites that offer free inmate searches and warrant searches. Other sites charge a minimal fee for their services. The downfall to these sites is that they typically ask for a lot of personal information that they then keep in their database. Also, some claim to be free, but later ask for a credit card; and you can never be sure if they are updated properly with accurate information.

If you do not have online access, turn to a phone book instead. You have a few options here. You can call the local county police station and ask for warrant services. They should be able to track any and all warrants for your arrest in your state. This could be risky too because, if they wanted to, the police could dispatch a cop toy our location and arrest you.

If you wish to avoid the police altogether, calling a local bail bondsman is your best option. They retain the most up-to-date records and have access to all warrant databases. Most agencies offer free warrant look-ups to the public. A licensed bail bondsman can help search for a warrant, as well as, assist you in turning yourself in and bailing yourself out. This is the best possible option to locating active arrest warrants.

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