How to Get Bailed Out of Jail By IU College in Monroe County

Whether you are a student at Indiana University, a friend of a student attending the school, or simply a traveler passing through town and near the campus, if you need a bail bond in or around Bloomington, Indiana, you can get one without a hitch. Continue below for a quick guide to bailing someone out of jail in Monroe County, Bloomington, Indiana faster than you can say, “Go Hoosiers!”

Monroe County Bail Bonds 812-333-3399
Monroe County Indiana University Bail Bonds 812-333-3399

Your Top-Choice Bloomington Bail Bonds Company  

A Monroe county bail bond is not hard to find, but a trusted Bloomington bail bondsman is. So, do what thousands of Hoosiers before you have done for generations, and choose Woods Bail Bonds in Monroe county, Indiana! Not only do we offer the friendliest bail bond service around, but we also operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Even on National Holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, our offices are open and fully-staffed to help obtain a release from over 30 Indiana counties.

Fast and Friendly Bail Bonds in Monroe County, IN

Woods Bail Bonds has nearly 40 years of experience and service in the Indiana bail bond industry, and serves over 30 counties in the state! Whether it is 3 o’clock in the morning or in the afternoon, we are standing by to provide professional and dependable Monroe County bail bonds at the drop of a dime. Our licensed and insured Bloomington bail bondsmen are dedicated to standing apart from the stigma of what is a bail bond agent. We are a family business, fully-operated by family, and we treat our clients as such too. When you are in our service, you feel like family. In the case of students at IU, we can be the helping hand when your parents are miles away.

Bloomington Bail Bonds at the Lowest Rate in the State

Generally, the state regulation allows bail bond companies to charge between 10% and 15% rates. But right now, the state insurance department is allowing bail bondsmen to charge even lower. Although not all bail bond companies can do this, Woods Bail Bonds can! Right now, we are offering 8% bail bond rates in Bloomington, Indiana! You will not find cheaper Monroe County bail bonds, anywhere.

How to Get Started With 24 Hour Monroe County Bail

Call 812-333-3399 to speak with one of our friendly Monroe County bail bond agents about Bloomington Indiana bail bonds, anytime. Our staff is polite and friendly, and here to help you get your friend or loved one out of jail 24 hours a day.

Indiana Bail Bonds 317-876-9600
Indiana Bail Bonds 317-876-9600
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