How to Get Out of Jail in Tipton, Indiana

Was your friend or loved one just arrested in Tipton, Indiana? If so, you are already on the right track toward getting them out of the Tipton County Jail. Continue reading to learn how to get started.

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Tipton County Jail

The Tipton County Jail is located on 121 W. Madison Street, in downtown Tipton, Indiana. You can reach them directly by calling (765) 675-7004 during regular business hours. If you call after hours, you might reach an automated voicemail system that informs you to call back, or call another number. For these reasons and more, the best way to get the answers and assistance you are looking for after a friend is arrested is to contact a local Tipton bail bondsman.

If your friend was arrested under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medication, the jail will not allow them to post their bail until they are deemed sober, which is usually between 8 and 10 hours. Once they are considered sober enough to understand their criminal charges, the jail will book and process them into the jail database. This is the process of getting their mugshot, finger prints, and general data, like their address, place of employment, and more.

After this process is complete, they are eligible for bail, so long as the judge set it for them. In some cases, such as violent crime charges or murder, defendants are not granted bail. For all other offenses, bail is typically an option. See our blog, “When a Judge Might Deny Your Bail” to learn more about rights to bail.

Tipton Indiana Bail Bonds

As mentioned, the fastest way to get out of jail is to hire a Tipton County bail bond company. They have the resources and professional relationships with jails and courts, to get your friend released sooner rather than later. Simply contact a local Tipton bail bondsman for initial information. They will ask you a series of questions that will help them better locate your friend and calculate an estimate for their services. Bail bondsmen charge anywhere from 10% to 15% of the total bond amount.

So, if a bond is set at $10,000, don’t think you have to actually pay that to your get your friend out of jail. Instead, you would only pay 10% to 15% of ten thousand, but keep in mind that this fee is not refunded to you later on. If you were to pay the courts directly, the entire ten thousand, you would get the money back in full, but only if your friend shows up for all hearings. This is a big risk to take because if they miss a hearing, you do not get your 10 grand back. See our blog, “Will I Get My Money Back if I Bail a Friend Out of Jail?” to learn more about this risk.

Where to Get Fast Bail Bonds in Tipton, Indiana

Call Woods Bail Bonds at 765-644-0400 for fast Tipton Indiana bail bonds you can afford. Right now, we are currently offering an 8% fee for bail bonds! This is the lowest rate in years, and only available here! That means you only pay 8% of your total bond amount, rather than the standard 10 to 15% rates required across the state. In order to qualify for this low rate, you must meet certain criteria. Call 765-644-0400 today to learn if you can qualify for 8% bail bonds in Tipton, Indiana!

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