How to Locate Public Arrest Records

Indianapolis Bail Bonds 317-876-9600

Indianapolis Bail Bonds 317-876-9600

Unfortunately but for good reason, arrest and conviction records are accessible to the general public for anyone to see. Many people ask how to locate and find real public arrest records, and how to locate a certain individual’s arrest records. There are many avenues and options a person has that can lead them to another’s criminal records and histories. Depending on a person’s available resources and situation will determine which method to use.

Continue reading for a quick review on how to look up and find general public arrest records in your state or hometown.

Online Portals

One of the easiest, fastest, and most popular method to hunting down and reading public arrest records is using the internet and looking them up online. If you do not have a computer or internet capabilities, there are alternative ways to access arrest records. For online hunting, the best way to get started is to simply type “public arrest records” and then the state you are interested in, and use a link to a web site that performs the service or contains the related data. You should never have to enter a credit card number into a portal to access criminal records. These are out for free public knowledge; however, if you want to perform a nation-wide criminal record search, or access arrest records out of state, you may need to pay for it.

Police Station

For those who do not have a computer or internet connections, you can always call the local police station for assistance. They can give you information on how to access these records, or provide you arrest information for a particular individual arrested in that county. This is not always an easy option, but it is an option nonetheless.

Inmate Look-Ups

Another option for learning about accessing public arrest records is to call a local bail bondsman or bail bond agency. They retain the experience, knowledge, and resources to accurately point you in the right direction, or even perform the search for you. Be sure to contact a licensed and experienced bail bond company so you know you are receiving accurate information and service.

Woods Bail Bonds

Woods Bail Bonds Indiana 317-876-9600

Woods Bail Bonds Indiana 317-876-9600

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