How to Post Bail if You Don’t Have Anyone’s Phone Number Memorized

Indianapolis Bail Bonds 317-876-9600

Indianapolis Bail Bonds 317-876-9600

After an arrest, a person is taken to a local detainment facility, or county jail, and placed inside a holding cell where they await their turn to be booked, processed, and released on bond. Upon arrival at the detention center, all personal belongings are confiscated, logged, and stored away. This includes wallets, keys, hair ties, pens, and of course, cell phones. Inside the holding cell, inmates have access to a pay phone that is generally free to use; and with good behavior, most jailers allow inmates to make as many calls as they need in order to post bond.

But these days, people store contact information inside their cell phones, making the need to memorize phone numbers obsolete. So many people wonder what happens if a person in jail cannot remember anyone’s phone number. How do they get in contact with someone they know to bail them out?

Continue reading to find out the rules to using cell phones in jail, and what to do if you are arrested and can’t remember anyone’s phone number.

Cell Phones in Jail Cells

Since all personal belongings are immediately confiscated from inmates upon arrival at a detention center, they do not have access to their cell phones. And even with good behavior, jail staff will not allow the user cell phones under any circumstances until they are released from custody. This means that an inmate can only call those whose phone numbers they’ve memorized. In the case that a person cannot remember any phone numbers by rote, they still have options. The first option is for a family to pursue bail bond services on behalf of the inmate without ever having received a phone call in the first place. This option is only viable if family or friends are aware of the arrest and choose to take action right away.

The second option is the most commonly used option in the bail bond industry because it is 100% reliable. This option is to simply contact a bail bond company directly from the jail cell payphone for speedy and secure release from custody. Jails provide and allow access to phone books that include local listings for bail bond companies in the area. Local bail bondsmen generally operate 24 hours a day, and in many also provide free jail pickup and drop-off services, so not only can pay process your bail bond while you are in jail, they can come pick you up and bring you back to the office once you are released. From there, you could use their phones (or your own cell phone) to contact a friend or loved one for a ride home.

Indianapolis Bail Bonds

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