Ignore Advertisements for 5% Bail Bonds!

Most licensed bail bond companies are reputable and provide honest service, but unfortunately, there are some bad apples out there too. This is why it is important to be careful when it comes to hiring an agency to get yourself or a friend out of jail. You don’t want to be deceived by false advertisements for discounted bail bonds and shady fly-by-the-night companies. However, the process of hiring a bail bond company can be confusing for first-timers, so it is understandable that some might fall victim to false advertising in the industry.

Indianapolis  Bail Bonds 317-876-9600

Indianapolis Bail Bonds 317-876-9600

Discount Bail Bonds

One of the most common cons offered by unethical or corrupt bail bondsmen are 5 percent bail bonds. But discount bail bonds are not real! If you have been looking around for a bail bondsman in Indiana, don’t be fooled by advertisements for 5% bail bonds. This kind of claim is more than just false, it is illegal. The state regulates just how much a bail bond company can charge for their services, and for all states, that percentage is either 10% or 15% depending on the city or state you live in. So the lowest percentage a bail bondsman can charge for their services is 10 percent of a clients’ total bond amount, and never lower under any circumstances.

So if a bail bond company is advertising bail bonds at 5% your bond amount, they are not telling you the truth. If this ever happens to you, simply continue your search for an ethical company to hire. Doing business with an untrustworthy bail bond agency can cause you a lot of money, time, and frustration. You never want to put yourself in a situation where another person can take advantage of your naivety as well as your money. It is important to choose an experienced and qualified bail bondsman to ensure you are not being misled in any way.

Indianapolis Bail Bonds You Can Trust

Woods Bail Bonds Indiana

Woods Bail Bonds 317-876-9600

Call Woods Bail Bonds at 317-876-9600 for Indianapolis bail bond services you know you can rely on. Owner, James Woods, and his team of professional bail bondsmen, are licensed, bonded, and insured, with decades of experience in the industry. Our bail bond company has served thousands of Hoosiers over the past 30 years, and continues to be among the most reputable and trusted agencies in Indiana. We offer free jail information, jail pick up and drop off services, notary services, prearranged bail bonds, and much more. Call 317-876-9600 and speak with a friendly and knowledgeable company representative about bail bond services in Indianapolis, IN and its surrounding counties, today.

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