My Friend Was Just Arrested. What Happens Next?

When placed in a situation in which another person, perhaps your very best friend or loved one, get arrested right in front of your eyes. This is a confusing and stressful time for anyone, so it is not surprise that the first question that pops into a person’s mind is, “what happens now?” By understanding the arrest process, you put yourself at an advantage when it comes time to bail them out of jail.

To put your anxiety at ease and get a plan established, continue reading to learn what happens after someone is arrested, and most importantly, how to post their bond and get them out of jail as fast as possible. If you personally just became aware of an arrest warrant, this blog is also for you.

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Following an Arrest

Although the processes and procedures for placing a suspect under arrest varies among jurisdiction, there are some general steps you can expect. After your friend is cuffed and put in the back of the police car, they will be transferred to the local county jail. For instance, if you are in Marion County, Indiana, your friend will be headed to the Marion County Jail for booking and processing.

Once they arrive at the jail, your friend will be frisked, and all personal belongings will be confiscated and securely stored by jail staff. From there, they will be put through a data-collection process in which the jail staff will ask them a series of general questions regarding residence, employment, address, phone number, and more. This step also includes taking a mug shot and giving fingerprint records.

Intoxication Arrests

If your friend was arrested under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the jail cannot begin the data-collection process, also known as booking and processing, until the arrestee has sobered up. The general rule of thumb used among jails to confirm sobriety is 8 hours. This means that if your friend was arrested at 9 o’clock at night under the influence, they will not be eligible for booking and processing until at least 5 in the morning. You would just need to go home and get some sleep because there would be nothing you can do in your power to get them out of jail just yet.

After Processing

Once your friend has been booked and processed into the jail’s database, the judge residing over the particular case will set their bail. The purpose of setting a bail amount is to obligate and encourage arrestees to appear for their court heating after being released from custody. Bail should be high enough to make people want to appear for court, but not so high that they are incredibly unreasonable and unable to be paid.

For most jurisdictions around the country, bail schedules are used to help set bail amounts. These are assigned bail amounts for specific types of crimes. For instance, the crime of shoplifting a pair of sunglasses from the convenient store may have a bail amount set at $1,000, while a drunk driving charge may start at $5,000. Such schedules differ from state to state, and sometimes even county to county.

Posting Bail

As soon as your friend’s bail is set by the judge, and they have been processed into the system, they are eligible for release. In order to get released from jail, your friend can pay their full bail amount in cash directly to the court. After they have completed all their court hearings, they get a full refund. However, not many people have thousands of dollars in cash to simply hand over for the time being. Instead, many use the alternative, which is to hire a local bail agent for bail bond services. Although you are not refunded the fee you pay for a bail bond, it is much cheaper than the full amount. See our blog, “FAQS About the Cost of Bail” to learn more, including how much you can expect your friend’s bail to be set at.

How to Get Your Friend Out of Jail as Fast as Possible

The only way to speed up the process of bailing your friend out of jail is to hire the right bail bond company. Bail bondsmen that are well-established and experienced often have good and long-standing relationships with the local jail and courts. For this reason, they can usually expedite the bail posting process. However, as mentioned, if your friend was arrested under the influence, nothing can be done to get them released until 8 hours has passed and the jail staff has deemed them sober.

Where to Get the Fastest Bail Bonds in Central Indiana

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