Personal Information You Must Provide as a Bail Bond Applicant

Whether you are managing your own bail, or posting for someone else, you will have to sign a bail bond agreement. A bail bond agreement is a standard legal contract that holds you liable for the remainder of the bond amount in the occurrence that the defendant (you or your loved one) does not appear for court. Along with signing a bail bond contract and paying a non-refundable fee, you will be required to provide a certain degree of personal information to the bail bond agent in exchange for their services.

Continue reading to learn which personal information you can expect to divulge as a bail bond applicant.

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Bail bondsmen charge a non-refundable fee that is a small percentage of the total bond amount, while covering the rest of the bond amount out of their own pockets. They forfeit this money if they cannot guarantee your appearance in court. So when you consider the position of a bail bondsman, you can understand why it is important for them to gather as much information about the person as they possibly can. This information is simply added security that helps ensure the defendant’s presence in court.

Here is some common information that you will be required to disclose to a bail bond company in exchange for their services:

Full Name

If you are posting for someone else, you will have to provide the full names of the defendant and yourself. If you are posting your own bail, expect to provide your full legal name, including your first name, middle name, last name, and any suffixes. Any slang, nicknames, and street names will not be accepted.

Contact Information

You will be required to give all of your contact information to the bail bondsman, including a current phone number, home address, email address, and the phone number to the place of your employment. They may also ask if you are on social media platforms and contact information of close family, roommates, and friends.

Physical Description

A bail bondsmen may or may not decide to take down a physical description. It depends on many factors, primarily personal preference, but also for high-risk cases or flight risks. Included in a physical description may be the description of your primary vehicle too. They may take pictures or just jot down what it all looks like.

Employment Information

You can expect to provide all information for your job. This includes the address, phone number, contact information for your supervisors, and more. You will also have to provide proof of employment, either with recent paycheck stubs or whatever else the bail bondsmen requests. They may also want a copy of your work schedule.

Birth Records

You will also be required to provide your legal date of birth, and the place you were born. This includes the day of your birth, the city or town of your birth, and the state of your birth. A bail bond agent may need this information in the case that they must look up your governmental records, such as court and arrest records.

Legal Documents

Of course, you will need to provide legal documentation as proof of all the information listed above. Accepted legal documents include social security cards or numbers, birth certificates, drivers’ license, state identification card, passport, recent piece of mail as proof of address, and more. Of these documents, you can expect to be required to provide your social security number, a recent piece of mail or official contract that proves your address, and a valid drivers’ license or state identification card.


You may also be required to provide more than one reference as proof that you are a qualified bail bond applicant. References will have to be provided in the form of phone number and address, and can be teachers, bosses, co-workers, colleagues, or even family members.

Illegal Alien Numbers

If you are posting bail for an immigrant or illegal alien, you will need to provide the I.N.S. A#, which helps identify them on a federal level, such as immigration court cases and status checks.

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Indianapolis Bail Bonds 317-876-9600

Indianapolis Bail Bonds 317-876-9600

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