Questions That Start With “Will I Be Denied Bail if”

Are you facing an arrest warrant in a nearby county? If so, your top priority should be to resolve your current legal matters as soon as possible; before they can develop into a more serious situation with more severe penalties. One of the most common reasons why many people evade arrest warrants is due to the risk of not being able to get out of jail. With work, school, and family responsibilities, being denied bail is one of the biggest fears among defendants of arrest warrants.

Before you make any assumptions about your potential for being granted bail following your surrender to a warrant, it is helpful to educate yourself on the general outcomes that take place under common circumstances.

Continue reading to review some frequent questions that begin with, “Will I Be Denied Bail If.”

Indiana Bail Bondsman 317-876-9600
Indiana Bail Bondsman 317-876-9600

Will I Be Denied Bail if….

I Have a Criminal History?

For those with criminal histories, the fear of having to remain in custody is a real one. Often times, habitual offenders are granted bail, but at much higher amounts. It is also possible for a court to deny a person bail if they are a repeat offender of serious crimes, such as ones that involve violence or bodily harm.

I am Charged With a Violent Crime?

As mentioned above, if you are arrested or wanted for a violent crime, there is a chance that a judge will refuse to set bail. If a person is considered a danger to themselves or to others, they will be denied bail, and forced to wait in custody until their scheduled hearing. If you are charged with assault or domestic battery, and do not have a history of violence, you will likely be granted bail, albeit, it might be high.

I Have Warrants in Multiple Counties?

When you are surrendering to an arrest warrant, you are surrendering solely to that particular county you are wanted in. If you have other warrants in other counties, even if they are adjacent, it will not affect your current county arrest warrant surrender process. Unless you are wanted by the feds, each county will separately arrest you and prosecute you, accordingly.

I am Legally Indigent?

Whether you have money or not for a lawyer does not impact your potential for bail. However, if you cannot afford to pay your bail, nor have no collateral to cover it, you will be forced to remain in custody until your scheduled hearing.

I am on Probation?

When you are charged with a new offense while on probation, you can expect to be in more trouble than you typically would be if you were not on probation. However, this would not likely affect a judge’s decision to set bail for you; that is, unless you are wanted on multiple charges of violent crimes.

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Indiana Bail Bonds 317-876-9600
Indiana Bail Bonds 317-876-9600
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