The Difference Between Bail and Bail Bond

Bail Bonds Indianapolis 317-876-9600

Bail Bonds Indianapolis 317-876-9600

Tomato tomahto, right? Well not in the surety industry. Often times, people confuse the terms bail and bail bond. Many people use the terms interchangeably, as if they mean the same thing, while others question how to use each term appropriately. If you are faced with the responsibility of bailing someone out of jail, you might want to be clear on these terms ahead of time. Continue reading to learn how bail is different from a bail bond.

What is Bail?

Bail refers to the amount of money set by a judge for a person to be released from jail to await their scheduled court hearings. The amount of money set by the courts is determined by the person’s past criminal record, current offense, and their level of threat to society. Their level of threat includes the likelihood of them committing another crime while awaiting sentencing.

Bail can be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over five thousand dollars. Again, it all depends on the person’s record and the current charges their facing. Once the person pays the bail to the courts, and the money has “cleared” or been posted, the person can be let out of jail. If they complete all their court ordered requirements without any criminal indiscretions, they will receive the money back in full. If they fail to meet the court’s requirements, they lose rights to any monies paid, and will be arrested for court violation.

What is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond refers to a service or contract that facilitates a person’s release from jail by using a bail bondsman. The bail amounts set by courts can be very high and not everyone has that kind of cash available to them at once. In this case, a bail agency can be hired to secure a person’s release from jail. The agency guarantees the courts that you will appear for your scheduled hearing, and in return they allow the person to await their sentencing dates at home. The bail bondsman collects a non-refundable fee, usually between 10-15% depending on the state. If a person fails to appear for their hearing, the bail company will take professional and necessary means to search them down and bring them in to face the judge.

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