The Fastest Method of Getting Someone Out of Jail After an Arrest

There are several ways for a person to obtain a release from county jail after being arrest on a minor charge, whether for themselves or a loved one. However, there is only ONE true method of getting out of jail fast. That method is to use a bail bond. Continue reading to learn how to use a bail bond to get someone you love out of jail in the least amount of time possible.

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The Advantages of Using a Bail Bond

Being released from jail early on, prior to your court hearing, will render several advantages. From family and work responsibilities, to legal defenses, stress relief, medical care, and more, a bail bond can allow you to handle your criminal charges in a peaceful and organized manner. Below are just a few examples of how a bail bond can provide important benefits.

👪 Family Responsibilities – Many people who have been arrested have homes, family, and children in their lives that require attention and support.  Obtaining a bail bond to get released from jail gives people the opportunity to go back to their homes and take care of their children and personal responsibilities. 

🏢 Work and School – If someone does not use a bail bond, they will remain in jail until they see a judge, which can take weeks. Even then, they still might not be released. This would cause them to miss work, which means less income and potential termination, or school, which can delay graduation.

👔 Legal Defense – Obtaining an early release from jail allows a person to get started on their criminal defense. They have more time to hire a reputable lawyer, who in turn has ample time to examine their case and build an impactful defense. 

Where to Get a Bail Bond

A professional and experienced bail bond company can complete the entire bail bond process in less than three hours. For arrests involving intoxication for alcohol or narcotics, the bail bond process cannot even begin until the facility or jail has determined the defendant sober, which is usually an 8 to 12 hour wait depending on the degree of inebriation. Once sobriety is confirmed by the jail staff, the bail process can begin. See our blog, “5 FAQS That Will Help You Understand Bail Bond Services” to help you comprehend the process of bail.

Who to Trust for FASTEST Indiana Bail Bond Service

Call Woods Bail Bonds at 317-876-9600 for fast, safe, and secure Indianapolis Indiana bail bonds you can afford. We serve the entire state, as well as the Indianapolis region, including Hamilton County, Marion County, Hancock County, Hendricks County, and more! From convenient customer services like free jail pick up and drop off, to 24 hour emergency bail bonds, free jail and courthouse information, and more, we are truly your best option for fast bail bonds near you. We operate 24-7-365, even on National holidays. Request a free estimate, anytime!

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