The Quickest Way to Bond Out of Jail in Kokomo Indiana

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about getting out of jail in Kokomo, Indiana. Whether you need to surrender to an outstanding arrest warrant, or bail a loved one out of the Howard County Jail, this is the information you need to do so as quickly and securely as possible!

Howard County Bail Bonds 765-644-0400
Howard County Bail Bonds 765-644-0400

If you or a friend requires the help of a bail bondsman in Kokomo, or anywhere else in the Howard County vicinity, it is wise to learn some of the most important and fundamental facts about posting bail before taking any action. Taking the time to do proper research can better prepare you for jail if turning yourself in for an arrest warrant, as well as, better prepare you to co-sign for a loved one’s bond. 

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about bail bonds in Howard County. Review these questions and answers to get the information you need to begin the bail bond process in Kokomo, Indiana.

What Bail Bond Services are Offered in Kokomo, IN?

The bail agents that work in the Kokomo, IN vicinity all differ when it comes to the services they offer.  Some cases require specialized licenses and permits for certain types of bail.  Federal bonds, immigration bonds, and more all service that may or may not be provided by a bail agency.  For the most part, here is a short list of common services and assistance provided by a bail bondsman in Howard County, Indiana:

    ✓ Bail Bond Processing
    ✓ City Bonds
    ✓ Federal Bonds
    ✓ Surety Bonds
    ✓ Immigration Bonds
    ✓ Courthouse and Address Information
    ✓ Probation Violations
    ✓ Property Bonds
    ✓ Outstanding Arrest Warrants
    ✓ 24 Hour Services

    ✓ Notary Services
    ✓ Inmate Lookups
    ✓ Cash Bonds
    ✓ Personal Bonds
    ✓ Emergency Bail Bonds
    ✓ Felony Charges
    ✓ Misdemeanors
    ✓ OWI/DUI Arrests
    ✓ State Bonds
    ✓ And More

How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost in Kokomo, IN?

The cost of a bail bond is different for everyone.  Depending on a person’s criminal history, current violations, and state they live in, the price of bail will change because the total bond amount will differ.  In most cases, the law will only allow bail bond agencies to charge 10-15 percent of the total bond amount for service. So if your bond is set at 5,000 dollars, then you can expect bail to cost anywhere between $500 and $750, non-refundable.

What Does Processing Involve in Howard County Jails?

Processing is the activity that takes place once a person is arrested and taken into custody.  It is basically an information gathering procedure. This process includes a background check, finger prints, warrant check, mug shot, data entry of arrestee, weapons check, and confiscation and cataloguing of personal effects.

How Long Does it Take to Process a Person in Jail?

The time it takes to process an individual varies.  It depends on a variety of factors; including staff numbers, arrest charges, intoxication levels, and more.  On a productive day, a person arrested that is not under the influence of drug or alcohol can gain a release on bail in as little as a few hours.  If a person was arrested under the influence of something, then they are usually required to wait up to 8 hours to gain sobriety before getting processed and released.

24 Hour Kokomo Bail Bondsmen

Contact Woods Bail Bonds at 765-644-0400 for prompt and professional, 24 hour bail bond services in Kokomo, Indiana. Not only can we get you out of jail fast in Howard County, we can prearrange a bail bond if you need to surrender to an arrest warrant. And we provide our services in over 30 Indiana counties, regardless of time, day, or city. Request a free estimate, anytime.

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Indiana Bail Bonds 317-876-9600
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