Understanding Arrest Warrants and How They Work

Arrest Warrant Bail Bonds 317-876-9600

Arrest Warrant Bail Bonds 317-876-9600

Arrest warrants, bail bonds, court dates, oh my! There is a lot to know if you have had a recent brush with the law. Typical arrest warrants are issued by the judge of the local courthouse, or the county in which the crime was committed. It permits the apprehension and incarceration of a person suspected of committing a crime, and requires them to answer to their crimes on a judge’s bench. This is why they are also called bench warrants.

There are several other types of warrants as well; some of which are not even for arrests. For example, search warrants only permit authorities to search a person’s property. In this situation, an arrest can only occur if illegal paraphernalia or activity is discovered. If you currently have a warrant issued in your name for your arrest in any Indiana counties, continue reading to learn what you can expect in the near future.

A Valid Arrest Warrant Meets the Following Criteria:

• Sufficient Probable Cause of Committed Crime
• Signature of an Impartial Magistrate and Arresting Officer
• Correlating Police Affidavit Does not Contain Any Lies or Inaccuracies
• Adequately Describes the Suspect to be Arrested
• Clearly Outlines the Details of the Crime
• States the Conviction, Case Type (i.e. felony, misdemeanor, etc.), Related Dates, and Outstanding Fines

All Public, County, and Local Jurisdiction Databases are Flagged:

• Police Records
• BMV’s
• National Crime Information Centers
• Public Records
• Place of Employment
• And More

Police Can Arrest You On the Spot:

• During a Routine Traffic Stop
• At Work
• At School
• If Applying for an I.D. or Drivers’ License
• At Home
• During Police Questioning
• At an Airport
• Train Station
• And More

If you have an arrest warrant and are discovered by police, you can expect to be taken to jail, then bonded out, then scheduled for a court date. If you turn yourself in, police will arrest you on the spot, and then you can call a bail bondsman to post bail immediately. Then you will be scheduled a court date as well.

Once you arrive at your court date, you will be given a chance to plead not guilty or guilty. If the judge determines you are guilty, they will immediately hand down a sentencing. For misdemeanors, the sentence is usually probation and sometimes correlated counseling, drug or traffic classes, and fines. For felonies, there is a chance of doing some time behind bars, as well as, probation and fines.

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