What are Warrant Records?

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Warrants are federal court orders that authorize law enforcement to carry out a legal search or arrest of a person or entity suspected of a committing a serious crime. On the other hand, minor infractions like traffic offenses are generally dealt with enforcing fines and suspensions. When a person knows there is an arrest warrant for them, it is in their best interests to turn themselves into authorities to avoid further penalties.

If they do not surrender to their warrant voluntarily, they can be detained by police at any time, including at home, at work, on a routine traffic stop, at the DMV, or any situation where they might come face to face with law enforcement. Once a warrant is issued by the court, it is entered into the local warrant records of the court.

Court Records for Warrants

Warrant records is a collective list of people suspected of serious crime violations, people who are on the run for crimes they have committed, and possible witnesses or accomplices needed for further police questioning or investigation. So just because a person or group of people are entered into the court’s warrant records does not automatically mean they are guilty of a crime. But it does mean they are involved in a legal situation that calls for immediate attention and serious remediation.

When you are looking up a person’s arrest records, and you come across a warrant in their past, it is not an indication that they were charged with a crime. It also does not indicate that there was ever an arrest made, or jail time served. It is best to use a quality background check provider for accurate information regarding a person’s criminal history and arrest records. These scans will reveal a spectrum of civil and criminal court cases, arrests, and more.

Surrendering to Arrest Warrants

If you know there is an active warrant for your arrest, it is strongly encouraged to turn yourself into authorities as soon as possible. Wait for a weekday when jail traffic is lower for a chance at getting booked and released more efficiently. Contact a local and experienced bail bondsman to prearrange a bail bond. This will also expedite the process and get you in and out faster. An established bail bond company has close ties and relationships with the local jails and courthouses, so they too can contribute to the efficiency of your surrender and release.

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