What Do Bail Bond Companies Accept As Collateral?

There are various ways you can pay for a bail bond, and one of those options is an alternative to cash. Many bail bondsmen accept collateral in place of cash for those who do not have the immediate funds to cover the non-refundable bail bond fee. If you are in the same position, and require a bail bond for yourself or a loved one, you have the option of putting up collateral as well, so long as you retain the types of collateral accepted by such agencies.

Continue reading to learn more about collateral and bail bonds, including what types of collateral are generally accepted by bail bond agents.

Indiana Bail Bonds 317-876-9600

Indiana Bail Bonds 317-876-9600

What is Collateral?

In the indemnity industry, collateral is an alternative or addition to paying cash for a bail bond. Rather than paying cash for a bail bond, a client can offer collateral in place of cash, or in addition to cash, to secure a release from jail. Essentially, it is a type of credit or loan since you will receive the collateral back in full so long as you adhere to all court orders, including showing up to your hearing on time. This arrangement also ensures the bail bondsman that you will show up for court. Overall, collateral is something of value that is used as a form of short term debt security and payment assurance.

Bail Collateral

There are numerous forms of collateral a client can offer in place of, or in addition to, cash. Most types of collateral are significant, tangible assets, such as real estate and motorized commodities. However, there are some unexpected forms of collateral that are usually accepted by most bail bond companies. These include:

    Real Estate
    Bank Accounts
    Investment Bonds
    Personal Credit
    Credit Cards
    Promissory Notes (Rare)
    High Value “Pawnable” Items

Can’t Pay for a Bail Bond?

If you are having trouble finding ways to pay for a bail bond, whether you need to surrender to an arrest warrant or bail a loved one out of jail, there are other ways. See our blog, “How to Find Money for Bail” for ideas that can help raise funds quickly for a bail bond. In the meantime, discuss your concerns with a trusted Indiana bail bondsman who cares about your security and comfort. This bail bondsman is James Woods, and his agency offers this type of compassionate and personalized bail assistance.

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