What Happens to My Bond if I Am Arrested Again on Bail?

Being “out on bail” is not as freeing as it sounds. The reality is that a person is obligated to behave a certain way after getting bonded out of jail. One of the primary rules of being out on bail is to refrain from further crime. After all, those who are denied bail are those who are deemed by a judge to be a danger to themselves or to the community. Since crime is considered a danger to society, it is against the rules of bail. However, one’s bail and one’s bond are quite different in terms of this rule.

Continue reading to learn what the penalties are for someone who is re-arrested while out on bail, including what will happen to their actual bond.

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Bail is Set By the Courts

When a person is arrested, their bail is determined and set by the courts. Most often, judges will follow the state or federal bail schedule to set bail for a defendant. These are assigned bail amounts for specific types of crimes. For instance, the crime of shoplifting a pair of sunglasses from the convenient store may have a bail amount set at $1,000, while a drunk driving charge may start at $5,000 bail. Bail schedules differ from state to state, and sometimes even county to county. For Hoosiers, see our blog, “Local County Bail Bond Schedules for Indianapolis” to learn which crimes are assigned to which bail amounts.

Bail Bonds

Once bail is set, the defendant is given the opportunity to post their bail, either by paying cash to the court directly, or by hiring a local bail bond company. Using a bail bond is the more cost-effective option for getting out of jail because they eliminate the need to empty a bank account just to pay the total bond amount. You see, bail bond companies offer full bond coverage, so clients only need to pay a non-refundable fee that is only a percentage of the total bond. See our blog, “FAQS About the Cost of Bail” to learn how to calculate how much you might pay for a bail bond.

Re-Arrested on Bail

While out of bail with the help of a bail bond, getting re-arrested is a bad idea, but mostly because it affects the person’s legal matters. There is really no impact on their bond if they are arrested again. So long as they continue to fulfill the bail bond agreement terms and conditions for their initial arrest, they are in good-standing with the bail bondsman. In fact, the person could just use the same bail bond company they did for their first arrest.

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Indiana Bail Bonds 317-876-9600
Indiana Bail Bonds 317-876-9600
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