What Will Happen if Two Bail Bonds are Obtained for Just One Person?

Indianapolis Bail Bonds 317-876-9600

Indianapolis Bail Bonds 317-876-9600

Sometimes, when a person is arrested, more than one party will attempt to arrange bail bond services for them. For example, college student Lucy is arrested for public intoxication, so her sorority sisters decide to notify her parents, who then start the bail bond process for her. Meanwhile, Lucy’s boyfriend finds out about her arrest and decides to also arrange a bail bond, unaware that her parents have already done so. This is actually very common in the bail bonds industry. So what happens if more than one person tries to bail someone out of jail? Continue reading to find out!

Duplicate Bail Bonds

In the case of duplicate bail bonds, the situation pans out by process of “first come – first serve.” Jails will not accept more than one bail bond per inmate. So in the case of Lucy and her loved ones, whichever bail bond company arrives at the jail first would be the bail bond honored for her release. So let’s say her parents bail bondsman arrives first; what happens to her boyfriend’s bail bondsman and the money he may have already paid?

If Lucy’s boyfriend already paid a bail bondsman to post Lucy’s bond, he would get his money refunded since his bail bondsman could not post the bail bond. You see, bail bondsmen only get paid if the bail bond is posted. If the bail bond company cannot fulfill the service, they have not earned their pay. In Lucy’s boyfriend’s case, and all similar cases, the bail bondsman would be turned away at the jail, and the person would be refunded any money paid for a bail bond that goes un-posted.

Woods Bail Bonds

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