Which Jail is My Friend Being Held At?

Just got word that your friend was arrested, but not sure which county jail has them? Sounds like you will need to perform an inmate search. Continue below to learn your best options for locating a friend or loved one in jail via an inmate search.

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Inmate Searches

There is more than one way to perform an inmate search, just as there is more than one way to look for hotel deals near you. The key is to find a source that is reputable and professional, rather than choosing the first fly-by-the-night database you find online. The two most common sources for inmate searches are online portals and local bail bondsmen.

Online Portals

Be prepared to find a thousand different websites that offer inmate searches in your area. Also be prepared for them to charge a fee, sell your information to telemarketers, and not even have accurate, up-to-date information. If you do choose an online inmate search portal, be sure it is an official government site. Otherwise, you cannot trust the information they provide.

A portal search might tell you that your friend is not in their jail, when in fact they are, sending you on a hunt all around the city just because the system is not being updated properly. Additionally, it can be okay to use the inmate search option on the county jail website. But that is only if you known which county jails to search. See our blog, “Useful Links for Indiana Inmate Searches” to get you started.

Local Bail Bondsman

A local bail bondsman is your absolute best course of action when attempting to locate a person in jail, and here’s why:

☛☛ They have the resources and long-standing relationships in the industry to quickly obtain inmate information.

☛☛They generally offer their inmate searches for free, especially if you do business with them to get your friend out of jail.

☛☛They are a one-stop-shop for your needs since they can both locate your friend and bail them out of jail, all in the same evening.

☛☛They save you time and money by offering comprehensive bail bond services, including inmate searches, jail pickup, and more.

Where to Get Fast and Friendly Bail in Indianapolis

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Indiana Bail Bondsman 317-876-9600
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