Why Do Courts Issue Bench Warrants?

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Bail Bonds Indianapolis 317-876-9600

Bench warrants are a type of arrest warrant used in local jurisdictions. They are typically issued by the courts and signed off by sitting magistrates, or judges. A bench warrant stands in as a pending arrest; authorizing police to arrest a person any time or place, as soon as they are dispensed. If a person has a bench warrant, they should turn themselves in as soon as possible to avoid further punishment by the courts.

It is also in their best interest to research the best way to turn themselves in on a bench warrant, and how to post their own bail afterwards.

What are Bench Warrants?

Bench warrants are most commonly issued for people in contempt of court. If the court gives a person guidelines or legal obligations, such as drug screenings or future court proceedings, they are expected to fulfill all of their legal responsibilities. If they fail to do so, such as skip a court date or violate probation, they are issued a bench warrant. It is metaphorically bringing someone to the “judge’s bench” for ruling.

Bench warrants do not stop at the police department; they are also sided by the Department of Motor Vehicles, who will suspend a person’s drivers’ license as well. When there is a bench warrant issued for someone’s arrest, there is very few options left for that person until they turn themselves in to the court.

How to Self-Surrender to a Bench Warrant

To turn yourself in on a bench warrant, a person should first consult a lawyer about their options. This can allow a person to prepare for a short, or long, jail stay. They will have a chance to make arrangements with work, or family, as well as, bail arrangements. Once a lawyer is hired, they will give further instructions on what to do. If a person cannot hire a lawyer, they should call the jail, or the courts, and ask for instructions on how to turn themselves in on their existing bench warrant. Typically, you just show up to the jail and let them know you are turning yourself in, and then they take it from there. They will process you and then let you get a phone call. You can either call a friend, family member, or bail bond agency for help.

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