You SHOULD NOT Bail Someone Out of Jail if…

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Bail bonds are a very common, convenient, and efficient system for those arrested and detained in local jails. Often times when a person is arrested, they call a friend or loved one from jail in order to arrange a bail bond. The person they call will then arrange bail bond services to get them released from jail. This involves having the friend or loved one cosign for and post the defendants bond.

Since this is a sensitive and serious legal matter that involves money and trust, it is important to make a responsible decision if you are the one being asked to bail a person out of jail using a bail bond. Continue reading to learn three specific instances in which you should never bail a person from jail and why.

They Haven’t Called You in a Long Time

When you lose touch with a friend or family member, and you haven’t spoken in a few weeks or longer, it is not a good idea to post their bond if they call you out of the blue from jail. If you haven’t spoken to that person in a while, and the first time you hear from them is when they need you to cosign for a bail bond, it is not a positive situation. The first call after weeks of not talking should be to have lunch or catch up, not to pay for them to get out if jail. This could be an indication that they have burnt bridges with the people closest to them, which is why they are reaching out to someone they do not regularly talk to. Avoid bailing someone out of jail under these circumstances!

You Don’t Know Them Very Well

It is worse to bail a person out of jail if you don’t know them very well than it is if they call you out of the blue; however, both instances are big red flags. Never bail a person out of jail that you have just met or have only known for a little while. It takes years to truly know a person and trust their character, so if you don’t know much about a person, do not sign for their release from jail. This includes people you have only spoken to online, new co-workers, new boyfriends or girlfriends, friends of other friends, and of course, strangers.

You Don’t Understand the Terms of the Bail Bond Agreement

If you do not know what “co-signing” means, and the responsibility it entails in terms of a bail bond agreement, you should steer clear of bailing anyone from jail. A bail bond agreement is a serious contract that holds a co-signer legally liable for the cost of the defendant’s bond amount, which can be upwards of tens of thousands of dollars depending on their current criminal charges and past criminal record. A cosigner also takes on full legal liability in terms of making sure the defendant appears for all court hearings on time. This is a responsibility that should not be entered into lightly.

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